FVAC Members,

Due to the current COVID-19 virus situation, the Board members of the Fox Valley Aero Club are all concerned for the safety and health of all our members and their families and friends.  Because of this, we have decided at this time to keep the field open for member only flying, until further notice, subject to the following rules and restrictions:

  1. Our guest pilot rule is temporarily suspended.
  2. Spectators/Visitors are welcome provided that they wear a mask and practice social distancing rules.  Only AMA pilots are allowed south of the chain link fences.  Bleachers are off limits and will be roped off with caution tape
  3. We will have one Porta Potty available for use.  Please sanitize your hands before and after using it.
  4. All club chairs are off-limits.  They will either be stored in the pavilion or shed and are not to be used.  Please bring your own folding chairs if you need to use one while at the field.
  5. Flight tables may be used.  We recommend sanitizing the table before using it. 
  6. The following CDC recommendations must be followed while at the field:
    1. Face Masks must be worn at all times.  A cloth face mask or bandanna are acceptable to prevent you from spreading disease to others.  This will not protect you from others who may have disease, so social distancing is still required.
    2. Stay at least 6 feet away from other persons at all times.  Fly only from the flight stations, which will provide separation between pilots.  Do not get closer than 6 feet from any pilot who is flying, even if you are spotting for them.
    3. If you feel sick, stay home.  Do not come to the field.
    4. Avoid touching your face.
    5. Sneeze or cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.  Properly dispose of tissues in the trash receptacle.
    6. Remember that water is not available at the field, so bring water, hand soap, and sanitizer with you.  Wash your hands with soap and water regularly.  Sanitizer does not work well if your hands are dirty, so soap and water is the best.

Please remember that we take this virus very seriously, and all members are expected to follow all of these rules.  We need to set an example for our fellow members and visitors.  If we see members not following them, we will have no option but to close the field altogether.  Thank you for your cooperation.  It is our hope and prayer that we can further relax these restrictions soon.

Date : 5/30/2020